Valiocon Recap

Valiocon is a conference for designers and makers in San Diego CA.

Designers come together to share stories about what motivates them to do great work, bits of inspiration, or insights they have gained from their past. 2016 was the fifth conference, and happens to be my first. I’d place Valiocon at the perfect center point between a small fun—based conference, and a large scale industry corporate fest. In all the best ways!

So—Cal casual, yet informative and actionable. Everyone is approachable, kind, and excited about design. I feel like the crowd skews towards product designers working in Tech, but there were some incredible illustrators, artists, video producers, musicians, and print designers as well. You can tell the passion of most was centered around design and community. Very welcoming. Very approachable. Very inspiring. Follow a bunch of the speakers and attendees on my Valiocon2016 twitter list.

A good conference changes you.

  • How I've Changed

  • Use Evernote to plan projects
  • Start the day with Headspace
  • Do simple daily Dribbble shots
  • Learn more of Xcode

I took notes during every talk and I’d like to share some of my favorite take aways here.

Overall Valiocon was a tremendous experience for me. I met lots of fantastic people and a ton of inspiration.