Over the years I’ve found common themes in what I think about.

This non–exclusive list is a reminder of all the things I want to spend more of my time thinking about, and things I’d rather not. The world is more nuanced than a simple topic, but ultimately I focus on the topics that inspire me, and less on the topics that don’t.

  • Way into

  • Design
  • Community
  • Philosophy
  • Saving People Time
  • Furniture
  • Language
  • Space
  • Geometry
  • Time
  • Good in Humanity
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusive
  • Architecture
  • Not that into

  • Advertising
  • Religion
  • News Media
  • Eating People’s Time
  • Guns
  • Gossip
  • Insurance
  • Smoking
  • Money
  • Fear
  • Nationalism
  • Exclusive
  • Reality TV

There are plenty of things I’m not that into. I’m not completely opposed to discussion around those themes. I would just want to learn something new and understanding an unfamiliar perspective. If you are interested in any of the themes I’m interested in, let’s work on some stuff together.